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doctor refuses to prescribe PrEP

Dallas Dr. Drops Patient with Letter After Patient Asks About PrEP

On a public Facebook post, Tyhier "Ty" Huff says he visited his family doctor with the intention of getting tested for HIV and to ask about

Dallas City Hall LGBT Minorities Bars Shut Down

Dallas Bars Face Uncertain Future as City Votes for Ability to Shut Them Down

A recent uprising of Dallas residents resisting the inevitable change that comes with living close to a growing city has given some city cou


American Health Care Act is Dead, Obamacare to Remain

President Trump and House Republicans pulled the American Health Care Act (AHCA) from the floor today after a failure to secure enough votes

Lance Wallanu Anointed Cake by Hookers

‘Hookers’ Convert Gay Man Using ‘Anointed Cake’ – Evangelist

Dallas Evangelist Lance Wallnau during a live stream on Periscope asked his viewers for their prayer requests. One of the viewers asked for

Rick Perry Angry Gay Student Elected A&M Student Body President After Competitor Didn’t Show Receipts

Former Texas Governor and current Energy Secretary Rick Perry has publicly blasted the election of the first gay student body

Native American Tribe Votes to Allow Same Sex Marriage

The Osage Nation in Northern Oklahoma held a controversial vote on Monday, March 20 to determine whether or not the tribe wou

Donald Trump Americanese

Trump Speaking “Americanese” In Wiretap Tweets, Not Lying – According to Surrogate

Trump surrogate and CNN commentator Jeffrey Lord claimed in a CNN interview that Trump was not lying in his tweets which alleged Barack Obam

20 Photos of Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters That Will Get You Completely Back Together

Our beloved Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters is beautiful, outspoken, and not afraid to put someone all the way back together on live

Closeted Republican Senator Solicited Prostitution of Underage Teen Boy

Oklahoma State Senator Ralph Shortey will resign by tomorrow after being caught soliciting sex from a 17 year old boy. The

Power Ranger is First Openly Gay Superhero in Movie History

In the new Lionsgate re-make of the Power Rangers, one of the rangers is a lesbian. This seals the film's place in history as

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