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Lady Gaga Promotional Graffiti Forces Business Owners in Dallas to Foot Cleanup Bill

Lady Gaga Promotional Graffiti in Oak Lawn Dallas

Business owners in the predominantly LGBT Oak Lawn area of Dallas got a rude wake up call today as the city told them it was their responsibility to remove large, spray-painted Lady Gaga concert ads from the sidewalk.

Lee Daugherty, the owner of Alexandre’s on Cedar Springs, noticed two of the advertisements and reported at least one. In a public Facebook post he addresses the issue:

Listen, I love Gaga too, but we can’t have people tagging our sidewalks in Oak Lawn. The next message might not be so pretty, and it’s up to business owners to remove this with possible fines against us.

Dallas is not the only city that is annoyed with Lady Gaga promotional graffiti. In the Castro district of San Francisco, inspectors discovered 11 of these illegal advertisements.

According to the City of Dallas Code, property owners are responsible for removing graffiti from sidewalks, walls, fences, signs and other structures visible from the property line with a possible fine of $200- $500.

  1. Alternative: force them to use washable spray tempra instead of something permanent. Then it’s gone with the next rain. Use a permanent paint and the advertising contact is fined $150 used to pay a dude named Pedro, Mario, or even Lee to remove it with financial encouragement.

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