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Gay Couple Told Not to Kiss/Hold Hands in Cincinnati Pizzeria

Bobby Slavens

A gay couple says they were discriminated against at Goodfellas, a Cincinnati pizzeria, this weekend when a bouncer told them to stop kissing and holding hands or they would have to leave. According to their Facebook post, Bobby Slavens and his Fiance were standing in line for pizza at the establishment and exchanged a “quick kiss”. They say that a┬ábouncer told them they needed to stop and that they quickly stopped holding hands.

In addition to that, Bobby was told by the door man as he was leaving “This is Trump’s America,” and “We need to get used to it.”

Goodfellas posted a response to the incident on their Facebook page:

To our Beloved OTR Community,

After investigating the discrimination that took place at our establishment the other night we feel it pertinent to inform you that Goodfellas Pizzeria as made the decision to terminate the employee in question. The actions displayed by this now former employee are in no way a representation of how the Goodfellas team feels towards the LGBTQ citizenry.

We adore our community and the diversity it provides, it is a direct reason as to why we chose to open a location here. We love the variety of friends and customers that OTR allows us to serve and we genuinely care for each of you as family.

We thank you for your patience and giving us the chance to investigate the incident and address it appropriately. We sincerely hope that you will allow us the opportunity to show you that Goodfellas Pizzeria is a safe harbor for all walks of life.

The couple has said that they do not plan to return to the pizzeria.