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Top Republican in Texas House Voices Concerns Over Bathroom Bill SB6

Byron Cook Texas House Republican

Echoing comments made earlier by Speaker Joe Straus, House Committee on State Affairs Chairman Byron Cook has stated that there is no evidence that there is a problem and that he has never seen an issue that would indicate a need to address a bathroom bill.

SB6, also known as the Texas “Bathroom Bill”, is a North Carolina HB2 style bill that would require transgender people to use the bathroom which matches their gender at birth at government buildings, public schools and universities. The bill would also restrict municipalities of their ability to create laws to the contrary.

The bill passed in the Texas Senate earlier this week and it will now go to a public hearing in Cook’s committee. Both Cook and Straus view the bill as a low priority.

If SB6 passes a House vote, it will go to the desk of Gov. Greg Abbott. It is unclear whether he supports the bill or not as he has not made a public stance on the issue.