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20 Photos of Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters That Will Get You Completely Back Together

Our beloved Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters is beautiful, outspoken, and not afraid to put someone all the way back together on live television. Nothing says shade like a side-eye from Mrs. Waters.

Here is a collection of photos that can be used as comment or message responses when you need to throw all of the shade at once.

1. “You’re kidding right. Is this real life?”

2. “I can’t believe you just said that.”

3. No one throws shade better

4. “Why are you talking right now?”

5. “I’ll wait”

6. “I’m still waiting”

7. “I’m trying to understand” (why you’re so stupid)

8. “What the hell did you just say?”

9. When you pretend to understand

10. When you’re about to put someone back together

11. “And stay together”

12. When they say something you know is stupid but you are willing to wait patiently.

13. When you can’t help but laugh in their face.

14. When you just can’t take it anymore

15. Shade

16. “Well wasn’t that cute.”

17. “Girl bye.”

18. “Are you still here?”

19. “Are you really going to wear that?”

20. “I’m done with you.”