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Trump Speaking “Americanese” In Wiretap Tweets, Not Lying – According to Surrogate

Donald Trump Americanese

Trump surrogate and CNN commentator Jeffrey Lord claimed in a CNN interview that Trump was not lying in his tweets which alleged Barack Obama wiretapped his office. Instead, Lord says Trump was speaking “Americanese”.

In the segment, Lord says:

“He says, you know, ‘We speak Americanese out here, and we know what he meant. What he meant was the FBI was — or somebody else was — surveilling him. That’s what he thinks.”

We tried hard to find more information about “Americanese”. It is not one of the 30 languages offered by Rosetta Stone and is not recognized by the United Nations. The best we could find was this irony filled definition on Urban Dictionary:

The peculiar variant of English spoken in America. Subject to constant change, usually due to musicians and TV personalities making up new words all the time (intentionally or otherwise).

Here is the segment on CNN: