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‘Hookers’ Convert Gay Man Using ‘Anointed Cake’ – Evangelist

Lance Wallanu Anointed Cake by Hookers

Dallas Evangelist Lance Wallnau during a live stream on Periscope asked his viewers for their prayer requests. One of the viewers asked for her homosexual son to be delivered.

Wallnau then explains to the viewer how “hookers” once turned a gay straight using anointed cake:

This is crazy and I’m not saying this is gonna work for you but some hookers that were in this bar got saved. And they got saved because one of the guys that used to hang out there got saved and they baked a cake for the owner of the bar who was gay and very adamantly anti-Christian. And they basically prayed over the cake. It was an anointed cake. And they made the cake and gave it as a gift.

He explains that when he ate the cake, the power of God manifested and delivered him, rendering him straight.

You’re right, Mr. Wallnau, it is crazy. You can see the actual video below: