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Rick Perry Angry Gay Student Elected A&M Student Body President After Competitor Didn’t Show Receipts

Rick Perry Blast Texas AM Gay Student President Bobby Brooks

Former Texas Governor and current Energy Secretary Rick Perry has publicly blasted the election of the first gay student body president in Texas A&M history calling the election “Stolen”.

“Showing the receipts” is a fun expression we use when we have screenshots of an incriminating conversation or a video of someone saying something they shouldn’t have, but when the Texas A&M Student Government Association asked student body presidential candidate Robert McIntosh to show the receipts for items used in campaign videos they were not kidding.

McIntosh – who had the most votes in the election – failed to show receipts for glow sticks used in one of his campaign videos. The Student Government Association disqualified McIntosh for breaking campaign rules. This meant that the second place candidate Bobby Brooks, who is openly gay, won the election and became the college’s first gay student body president in history.

Featured Photo Courtesy of Houston Chronicle