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Dallas Dr. Drops Patient with Letter After Patient Asks About PrEP

On a public Facebook post, Tyhier "Ty" Huff says he visited his family doctor with the intention of getting tested for HIV a

Rick Perry Angry Gay Student Elected A&M Student Body President After Competitor Didn’t Show Receipts

Former Texas Governor and current Energy Secretary Rick Perry has publicly blasted the election of the first gay student body

Sneaky Tennessee Bill Could Affect Gay Marriage and Adoption Laws

Tennessee bill HB-1111 is causing alarm with LGBT advocacy groups. The bill, which passed through the House yesterday, has

Pride Flag Removed from Congressman’s Office, Thrown to Ground and Stomped

On Wednesday a man removed a rainbow pride flag displayed outside Democratic Congressman Alan Lowenthal's office in Washingto

Gay Couple Told Not to Kiss/Hold Hands in Cincinnati Pizzeria

A gay couple says they were discriminated against at Goodfellas, a Cincinnati pizzeria, this weekend when a bouncer told them