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Dallas Bars Face Uncertain Future as City Votes for Ability to Shut Them Down

A recent uprising of Dallas residents resisting the inevitable change that comes with living close to a growing city has give

American Health Care Act is Dead, Obamacare to Remain

President Trump and House Republicans pulled the American Health Care Act (AHCA) from the floor today after a failure to secu

Native American Tribe Votes to Allow Same Sex Marriage

The Osage Nation in Northern Oklahoma held a controversial vote on Monday, March 20 to determine whether or not the tribe wou

Trump Speaking “Americanese” In Wiretap Tweets, Not Lying – According to Surrogate

Trump surrogate and CNN commentator Jeffrey Lord claimed in a CNN interview that Trump was not lying in his tweets which alle

Closeted Republican Senator Solicited Prostitution of Underage Teen Boy

Oklahoma State Senator Ralph Shortey will resign by tomorrow after being caught soliciting sex from a 17 year old boy. The

Sneaky Tennessee Bill Could Affect Gay Marriage and Adoption Laws

Tennessee bill HB-1111 is causing alarm with LGBT advocacy groups. The bill, which passed through the House yesterday, has

Top Republican in Texas House Voices Concerns Over Bathroom Bill SB6

Echoing comments made earlier by Speaker Joe Straus, House Committee on State Affairs Chairman Byron Cook has stated that the

Texas Bathroom Bill SB6 on Agenda for Senate Vote Today

The Texas "Bathroom Bill" SB6 which would require transgender citizens to use bathrooms, changing rooms and locker rooms in

Federal Appeals Court Rules Discrimination Against Gay Employees Not Illegal

Jameka Evans was a security guard at Georgia Regional Hospital but was fired in October of 2013. She alleges that she was fir